Waste Crisis

With the current linear economy of extracting raw materials, manufacturing products, using them and throwing them in landfills, it is estimated that we need a second earth to sustain ourselves on earth till year 2030 at the current consumption rate and a third one to sustain ourselves till year 2050.

The world produces over two billion tonnes of municipal solid waste every year, 60% of them are landfilled.

RESECO Solution

The software collects data on waste to automate auditing, risk alerts, pointing out inefficiencies and poor management. This helps in increasing recycling rates by taking suitable decisions based on data provided by the software.

The data collected helps municipalities and governments better predict waste generation and disposal trends as well as plan for future waste treatment projects.

The computer vision software is connected to a camera that is installed above a conveyor belt in any waste sorting facility and gives real time detection on waste flows. This software can also be connected to any types of robots to automate the sorting process instead of the traditional manual sorting of recyclable waste.

Easy Integration
Wide Application
Real Time
Complex Detection

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